Authentication API filters not working in v2.33.9

I am new to the DHIS2 and facing issues with the Authentication API in a specific version [2.33.9] of the DHIS2.
I am using this API


The result of the above API is 400.

When I remove the filters from the API like,


it works fine.

Can someone help me understand that the specific DHIS2 version [2.33.9] is having any issues with the API filters or I am looking for some wrong API?

Hi @ravibagul91,

Welcome to the community! :tada:

I tested both in DHIS2 version [2.35.13] and version [2.37.4] , and they’re both working fine. The API request is correct so there’s nothing to change there, but you might want to upgrade to one of the latest supported DHIS2 versions. :+1:

Thanks, @Gassim.
Can you please update the DHIS2 versions in your response, I think it is missed.

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Yes, @ravibagul91 sorry I forgot to paste the links. I used the play instances. (: