Attributes for tracked entity types appear on Attributes section of Design program on Maintenance

Dear all,

I’m getting confused with Attributes for Tracked entity types, a new feature from DHIS2 2.29

I assign some attributes for a Tracked entity type with a purpose of searching for attributes across multiple programs which share the same tracked entity type.

The searching feature is working properly and very nice. But getting confused when those attributes also appear on Attributes section of Design program on Maintenance app.

For example:

I assign a Phone number as attribute type for Person Tracked entity type

Then I go to Edit any Tracker program, I will see the Phone number in Attributes section, but can’t remove it.

But when I open Tracker Capture and Event report, I don’t see the Phone number there.

I either see it on details API of that program

This is very confusing since those attributes appear on Attributes section even though we don’t want them to be there and we can’t remove it.

Any one has the same issue with this? Is it a bug or a future feature but not yet implemented?

I’m very appreciated if anyone know this could share the knowledge.

I also created a ticket on Jira



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