Attribute combos and reporting rates

We have an attribute Combination attached to a data set (it is assigned to different org units) to enable the capture of multiple versions of the form (disaggregate data set by CHW), i.e., we capture a different copy of the form for each CHW.

We have the following situation we find difficult to manage regarding reporting rates:

We enter data per CHW (CHWa, CHWb, CHWc, CHWd and CHWe); three of these CHWs quit the project, and we hire new three CHWs and create and attach them to the attribute combo. We will now have 8 CHWs in the drop-down list instead of 5 CHWs.

How can we handle these situations where some CHWs go, and others come? How are the reporting rates calculated in this case?

Looking forward to clarification.

Hi @fernando

Would it work if the option sharing settings are updated to ‘can view only’?