Attaching/Uploading a file and processing

Dear all,

Please note I want to upload a file (attach as part of data entry by user) and then process it to populate some data in a stage.

I know there is a File Data element type to upload the file but not sure how to process it upon uploading.

Kindly assist me to implement this functionality.

Thanks in advance.



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I request someone to assist me please!

Hi @MSP,

The data element type you are referring to will only allow you to store the attached file in the event.

If you want to import data from file that will populate the your data elements in the event, you will either need a script (you will need to map the fields in the file and the fields in the event in order to import data).

You can also try an app called “Data Import Wizard” by HISP Uganda that is available on the App Store in DHIS2.

Good luck!

Kind regards,

Thankyou @YuryR.

Please note, I have the script/code tor process the file. I want to know how to trigger the code upon uploading the file.