At-a-glance dataset assignments for non-administrators?

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Summary: Does anyone have a suggestion or best practice for an at-a-glance view of dataset assignments (i.e. not just looking in data entry)?

A little more detail:

  • We have about 12 datasets and 75 OU, and those OU represent individual organizations, each of which is supported by 1 of about 10 program officers.
  • When we implemented DHIS2 about 4 years ago, those program officers kept asking for a way to see all the dataset assignments at a glance, so I created a Google sheet, but it was extremely annoying to keep up every time we had new OU or changed the assignments for existing OU, and I stopped updating it.
  • Program officers have begun requesting something similar again. I really don’t want to start a new sheet that will be immediately out of date - any other options? (Aside from looking in data entry.)


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There is a way using the API to list all datasets and their configurations. For example, using the following request I’m able to list all datasets and display (display name, user group accesses, and organisation units assigned to these datasets. /api/dataSets?fields=displayName,userGroupAccesses,organisationUnits[name]

It’s also possible to get the same details for a particular dataset by adding the dataset id to the URL: /api/dataSets/lyLU2wR22tC?fields=displayName,categoryCombo[name],userGroupAccesses,organisationUnits[name]

Which items interest you the most?*

When the request is ready, it might be possible to download as CSV if you’d like to import it back to a sheet that you’d like to easily update. Hope this helps! :+1: