Assigning number calculated by a program indicator to a dataelement


Is there a way of assigning a number calculated by a program indicator to a dataemelement? I am using DHIS2 version 2.30

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There are ways of doing that, but WHY do you need to copy a program indicator result to an aggregated data element when you can use the program indicator directly as if it was a data element?


Are you asking about how to assign a tracker/event based number as defined in a program indicator to another tracker data element? if yes, than you can in general do that using a program rule with an ASSIGN action type


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Thanks a lot.

Its only that what I want to do with event Reports is not giving me the desired output. Therefore I wanted to try it with assigning what I have counted with a program indicator and the manipulate it as much as I could with a dataelement.

But I see that it won’t work.

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