Assigning category combinations by OrgUnit works for Data Entry but not, apparently, for Event Capture or Tracker Capture?


We are creating data and event capture screens for use across various projects (with projects created as category options, each assigned to a given country-level OrgUnit).

For data entry, once a particular country OrgUnit is selected, only those Projects that exist in that country appear as options in the “Project” Category Combination drop-down list. This is what we want.

For event capture, however, despite the fact that we have assigned each project option to just one country, the drop-down “Project” list still makes it possible to select any “Project” from the list, regardless of what country has been selected as the OrgUnit… I believe this is a bug.

Do you know if it has recently been resolved in Version 2.27? Or is it perhaps resolved in Version 2.28?

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