Assigning a live form to a different OU level

Hi all,
Our OU hierarchy for a particular program is country-> region-> district → community
We began collecting data for a tracker program at a certain OU level (district). The program now requires us to move the tracker program to a lower level (community). I know the program can easily be reassigned, but how will this affect the comparability of the data, for example, that some TEIs were enrolled into a district while others will be enrolled at community?
Also, if there’s unsynced data (we are using the DHIS2 capture app) at the district level, it will not be accepted once we have changed the OU assignment to the community, right?

Any tips on making this change seamless would be welcome.


Hey @vgarciabnz, probably you can advise better than me on this?

Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,
this sounds like a tough one. Some thoughts about the options:

In case the community orgUnits didn’t exist yet (I mean, it is a completely new level), my first thought would be to create new organisation units at the district level and move the existing ones down to the community level. In this way the orgunit uids will remain the same, the TEIs would be moved to the district level and there would be no need to reassign the programs. But this is a big change and it could have other implications.

If you reassign the programs to the community level, I don’t think the server is going reject data going to the district level. But the mobile users must have those district orgunits in their capture scope in order to sync data. If mobile users are not assigned to the district level they could not sync data. And the mobile app would hide the existing TEIs so they could not access them.

I don’t how easy is to move TEIs from one orgunit to another. Maybe other people could help on this.

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Thank you! That’s an amazing idea to add the level in between as the “new” level - unfortunately, we have other data we do not want to move. I’ll keep that in mind though, very creative.

If we keep the tracker programs assigned to both levels and include both levels in the capture scope of the data collectors for a few days, that could work, and just quickly “catch” users who are entering at the wrong level. Thanks so much for this input and welcome thoughts from others.