Archiving Reports In DHIS2

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Does anyone have experience with archiving reports in DHIS2?. We have many reports that have not been used for a long time and we can not delete them because we are hoping to use them in the future. I want to archive them to shorten the list of available reports that are in use.

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Hi @Kelvin_Kapuya

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Could you add more details about which app generated the reports? Where are these reports currently stored and in which file format?


Hi @Kelvin_Kapuya ,

By reports do you mean pivot tables or other analytical objects like maps and charts?

In version 40 of DHIS2, we have added some integrity checks to help you to identify potentially “stale” favorites. The SQL is here and should work on recent versions (> 2.37) of DHIS2.

This will only help you to identify them. Now comes the tricky part…actually archiving them.

One approach is to change the sharing of each object so that they are simply not visible to anyone (other than super users). There is no native functionality to do this, so you would need to create a script to perform this operation via the API.

Another possibility is to delete them. This gets quite tricky though, since these objects may be part of dashboards. You would need to first delete them from the dashboard, and then delete them. So, its possible, but may lead to problems.

Regardless of which approach you take, I would definitely recommend to test it very thoroughly before you do anything on your production system!

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