Archive function and dashboard app

Hi all,
Wondering about the possibility of adding an archive function for certain metadata objects (indicators, DEs, even datasets and programs, etc), with a setting to show or not show archived objects in searches, analytics, etc. After multiple years with a project, there’s so much stuff in there. Indicators can be deleted but I’d hate to re-create hundreds of program indicators to go back to that data, and other objects cannot be deleted because they are associated with other objects.

Also, wondering if there’s an update on the revamped android dashboard app and roughly when it might be available?

Thanks for everything you all do! ~Natalie


Archiving objects makes a lot of sense and can improve on the mess we create while testing

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@jomutsani can you please help @Natalie_Tibbels convert this into a feature request ticket and please tag me so I can put it in the proper epic?

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Hi @Scott, this is well noted. It’s updated under

Hey there,

Fyi, we asked for something similar but for Organisation Units in analysis on the following request ticket DHIS2-4352, just in case @jomutsani you think it’s useful to mark it as related ticket in yours.

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Thanks @barreda!

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Thank you all for the help!

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