"Archive" data elements but keep data linked to program

Hi, I have a question about removing data elements from event/tracker programs while keeping the data for future analysis. I have an event form we have been using for a long time and want to remove certain DEs from being visible in the form or accepting new responses, but may want to analyze the data values in the future. (It is an event form with sections). What’s the best way to handle this? I realize I can get the data later through the API, but does it remain linked to that program, and is there a way to access it through the UI? (I think tracker DEs not assigned to a form do not show up in event reports). What if we delete it from the sections but not from the program overall - does that allow for analysis but not appearing in the form or populating with new data? Thanks.

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels, yes you can make the data element not manidatory, remove it from the sections but leave it on the program and the data element will remain available for analytics.