Arabic users/support?

(Damien Scarlett) #1

Hi all,
We have a DHIS2 setup for the Middle East & wondering if there is a site/location where there is specific support in Arabic? Some of them speak English but it would be better having stuff in Arabic to better understand/learn.
I realise there is the translation option in DHIS2 but checking if anyone has implemented it there before, & for useful tips.
Thanks in advance!

(Markus Bekken) #2

Dear @dmnscar,
Did you try to set “Arabic” as your language in the system settings?


(Damien Scarlett) #3

Hi Markus,
Thanks, I know about changing the language in the DHIS2 program for users & logging in, just wondering if there is anything out there with supporting/training doco/videos in AR.

(Matthieu Pinard) #4

Hi Damien,
the dhis2 fundamentals online course is currently being translated. Let me check the status and come back to you on this one.