App store : pending approval

I’ve worked on a open source dhis2 app to run some js script against dhis2 api.
Think about it as “postman” with some built-in visualization like table (with csv export) or a map.
The code is here GitHub - BLSQ/dhis2-taskr: dhis2-taskr

I’ve uploaded the app in the store but it’s stuck in pending approval : DHIS2 App Hub

Is there a policy that may block my app ?
Should I setup my own app store instance ? Is there a procedure ?

Thanks for any clarifications



hello someone can help ?


Hi @Stephan_Mestach, tagging the @dhis2-platform team to provide guidance on this.


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Hi @Stephan_Mestach

Nice app! I’ve approved it for you.



@varl I’m looking to create a dashboard widget ?
do you have a minimal sample app ?

By looking at the code the list of “widgets” looks hard-coded, but found plugin like mechanism.

I suspect proposing a new widget that will integrate in the default dashboard mechanism is not possible
You can replace a whole dashboard but not a single widget right ?

Sorry to ask you again, but looks my app has been wiped out from the store.
I’ve re-uploaded a zip, in a new app of the store.
Can you approve it again ?

dhis2 taskr

Type: Standard
Author: stéphan mestach
Organisation: bluesquare

This app is pending approval

Hi @Stephan_Mestach

Sorry to see your app disappeared from the store, even though I can not answer why/how it disappeared I have now approved your new app.

Best regards