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We are running an instance of the DHIS2 server. we want to create an app with the app-platform to be deployed on the server instance. How can we link the app to the app platform and the server if it’s not hosted on the app hub.

Hi @jetisco4u ,

You can run “yarn build” from the app directory to build the application. This command will build your application and bundle your code. You can find the bundled code as a zip file at app-directory/build/bundle/ folder.
On your server, go to “App Management” application and select “Manual Install” from side bar. Import the bundled app zip file to install your application.

Also, for users to have access to this new app, you need to modify the user roles accordingly.


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Thanks @rithvik for the helpful suggestion!:+1::+1:

It’s also possible to submit the app to the app hub if you would like to make it available for all dhis2 users around the world. :+1:


@rithvik thanks that’s great!

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