API: Imported csv data are not displayed by the system

Dear friends of the community.
In my learning process to use the import and subsequent visualization of data related to malaria cases, I have managed to import a data without error messages but at the time of making the filters or viewing a report, it is not showing me any data. A few days ago I did the same exercise and I was able to visualize them in the platform but not now. These are the steps performed:
1- Perform upload process using the command. With the following result:

Content-Length: 660882
Connection: keep-alive

{“httpStatus”: “OK”, “httpStatusCode”:200, “status”: “OK”, “message”: "Import was successful. “, “response”:{“responseType”: “ImportSummaries”, “status”: “SUCCESS”, “imported”:3000, “updated”:0, “deleted”:0, “ignored”:0, “importOptions”:{“idSchemes”: {}, “dryRun”:false, “async”:false, “importStrategy”: “CREATE_AND_UPDATE”, “mergeMode”: “REPLACE”, “reportMode”: “FULL”, “skipExistingCheck”:false,”

  1. Data administration/ Analytics tables/ Start export

I could see the imported data before.
Could you please help me by telling me what I am doing wrong?

Thanks for your valuable help.

Rafael Barrios

Hi @rbarriosparra,

I’m not sure what the error here is because it seems that all the steps are correct and there are no errors. Do you see any errors in the Network tab in your browser’s developer tools OR in the Catalina.out? It would also help if there is a bug for the developers to know which DHIS2 version you are using and if you can reproduce this in any of the play.dhis2.org instances?

Did you try to check the result using incognito? It might need cache clearing?

Thank you!