Any guidance for the community on how to best utilize DHIS2's Jira?

Is there any documentation on how DHIS2 would like for the community to sign up and use Jira in a way that is meaningful? Also, a brief explanation on the various boards, the roadmap, etc would be really helpful.

It looks like there once was a document for this: ~~ Edit: here’s working link: Using JIRA for DHIS2 issues - DHIS2 Documentation

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Hi @chase.freeman,

That’s a super good question! Jira is often used by community members when there’s a bug issue or a feature request and we almost every month have that tagged in the copmonthly among with active and helpful users. Usually when a user finds a bug a moderator would recommend them to create an issue in (same for feature requests).

The document mentioned in the post can still be found in the documentation. You can find info on Jira below the section Collaboration platform: and in this page you can find the Using JIRA for DHIS2 issues

I’ve found the Components very helpful, Components & Owners; otherwise, I use the search engine described in the document Using JIRA for DHIS2 issues mentioned above.

I’m sure you’ve seen Roadmap - DHIS2 site but the info there will probably be helpful for other community members too! As you can see there are many boards and users can create their own boards with filtered ones so probably see which ones are more relevant to the issues you follow or create your own. Also, you might find the releases page helpful: Versions - Jira

Feel free to post back to the community with more questions! If you have any questions about a specific board or tool in Jira please post back as well. Most of the time members are advised to post to the community first before creating issues on Jira. :+1::+1: