Any chance that you add unicity check on name and same parent id

I managed to mess up the orgunits pyramid by creating duplicates via an import.

Any chance that you add a feature/option to at least prevent creating 2 orgunits with the same name with the same parent id ?

Allowing that still make most orgUnit selection a nightmare since the name is the only thing shown.

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Hi @Stephan_Mestach

I am not sure this is the case for all the dhis2 users for this restriction to be enforced. However, what has been enforced is ensuring that each OU has a unique code. I am wondering if the code was used in a way that could help you find the duplicates?

Additionally, where is the OU selection happening?


I mean any picklist of orgunits will just show the name (without something where you can discriminate which orgunit is which orgunit : no tooltip, no id)

Same in the orgunit hierarchy operations, if will just show you twice the name
Good luck… to pick the good one



same in data entry… and if you

  • add the accent/collation to the uniqueness
  • trimming extra spaces before/after,
  • consider double spaces inside name as single

I would be great-full