Announcing the 2020 Web & Android App Competition!

We are now welcoming submissions of DHIS2 Apps for the 2020 DHIS2 Annual Conference Web & Android App Competition! Last year’s Web App Competition was a big success, and this year we are also opening the competition to Android Apps. The goal this year is to showcase the innovative work developers around the world are doing with DHIS2 for both web and mobile devices, and to highlight how the DHIS2 App Platform and Android SDK makes it easier to develop custom apps using shared tools. Finalists will be invited to present their Apps at the Annual Conference in Oslo! (16-19 June)

Background: Fostering Innovation through DHIS2 Common Tools

Recent years have seen an increasing number of DHIS2 applications developed independently by the global DHIS2 community. These apps typically offer features and functionalities that the core DHIS2 applications do not adequately cover. Some are generic and could be broadly adopted, while others target a specific DHIS2 use case. The development of these applications ultimately enhances the DHIS2 experience for the end user and strengthens the DHIS2 platform ecosystem in general. To support this–and especially to make it easier for developers to design their own apps that integrate seamlessly into the DHIS2 core software–we have published toolkits for both Web and Android App development communities:

  • DHIS2 App Platform: Shares a suite of common tools that can be used to develop DHIS2 Web Apps: Read more
  • DHIS2 Android Software Development Kit (SDK): Facilitates the development of Android Apps using DHIS2 as a platform. Read more

The purpose of our competition in 2020 is to showcase innovative DHIS2 Web and Android Apps that make an impact, and to highlight how the use of these shared tools can make it easier to turn an app idea into a reality.

The Competition: Submit Your Web or Android App to Win a Sponsored Trip to Oslo

We invite DHIS2 Web and Android developers from around the world to submit their best work. Members of the DHIS2 Core and Android Development teams will review the submission and rank them based on the criteria below. Finalists in both the Web and Android categories will be selected, and each finalist (or one representative, if a finalist app was developed by a team) will be flown to Oslo in June to present their app in person at the DHIS2 Annual Conference and compete to be The DHIS2 Application of The Year!

For Web Apps, we also invite applications that were submitted last year but not selected as finalist to resubmit this year if significant revisions or improvements have been made to the application since the previous submission.

Selection Criteria: The More Your App Meets, The Better Your Chance to Win

  • Impact: How does the application impact the work of end users or other beneficiaries? (or for apps that are still in development, what is the predicted impact?)
  • Common Tools: Does the application make use of common DHIS2 toolkits and libraries, such as the DHIS2 App Platform or Android SDK?
  • Generic: Can the application be applied to a variety of use cases?
  • Accessible: Can your application be configured by another country or project without the direct involvement of the original developers?
  • Available: Is your application published online and easily available for download, for example via the DHIS2 App Hub?

Submission Guidelines: Follow the Process Below, and Submit by Date

Web Apps: Make a brief video to demo your app. Videos should be no longer than 20 minutes, and should include information on:

  • Who is the end user, how do they use the app, and how does it impact their lives or the lives of those they provide services for? (including interviews with end users is a plus)
  • How is the app configured? (does not have to be overly technical)
  • If you are re-submitting an application from last year’s competition, what revisions and/or improvements have you made?

Upload your completed video to Google Drive, Dropbox, or your preferred file storage service and submit the link to it via our online submission form. Submission deadline is: 1 May

Contact the DHIS2 Web Apps team with any questions:

Android Apps: Since the Android SDK is still new and the timeline for development before the Annual Conference is short, the DHIS2 Android team offers a staggered process that includes an initial support phase for new app ideas. Developers who do not wish to use the Android SDK or who have already completed their apps can proceed directly to the submission phase .

Support phase: For developers working on new apps (or app concepts) with the Android SDK, and who would like input from the DHIS2 Android team:

  • Prepare a brief description of your app (or app idea), including functionality, audience, impact, and relevance to the DHIS2 community
  • Register your idea via the online submission form as soon as possible (preferably before 13 March)
  • The Android team will contact registered participants with more information and support on using the Android SDK
  • Submit your code and documentation to the Android Team, following the guidelines described below

Submission Phase: To submit finished apps (or proofs of concept!):

  • Submit your code to a public repository
  • Prepare a brief document describing the functionality (end user manual)
  • Prepare a brief technical document describing the architecture of the app
  • Prepare a brief document (it can be a README in github) describing how to build the app from the code
  • Register your app using the online submission form and include links to the code and documents listed above

Submission deadline for Android Apps is 1 May.

Contact the DHIS2 Android Apps team with any questions:

Note from the DHIS2 Android team: “We understand the timeline limitations, so we are not expecting fully developed and deployed apps. If your app is not part of an ongoing project, just build a proof of concept of that super idea you have in mind and show us what you are able to do in two months with the Android SDK!”

Notification of Finalists and Sponsorship Details

Finalists in both Web and Android App categories will be selected, and finalists will be notified by email by 8 May. The University of Oslo will sponsor one person from each of the finalist groups to attend the 2020 DHIS2 Annual Conference to present their app. If no member of a given finalist group is able to attend the conference, another finalist will be selected instead.

During the DHIS2 Annual Conference there will be a plenary session where finalists will give a 15 minute presentation of the app, followed by a voting process by all conference participants. The winners will be declared The DHIS2 Application of the Year!