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Hi all,

I have created ten users and assigned them to USER GROUP X. All of them are assigned to the same Org unit where they capture data. There are tracker and events program shared the USER GROUP X. What happens is that if user A registers an event or a tracked entity, User B sees on the phone what User A registered. It is confusing for them

NB : We want each user to see what he/she has registered; not what other users have registered.

Is there anything wrong with the configuration? Please help


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Hi @fernandoshake!

Since both users (A and B) have access to the same capture org unit, once they sync data, they will be able to see the TEI’s or events created by others. To “hide” other’s records, each user needs to be assigned to a different OU.

There is also the “Allow user the assignment of events” feature. To use it, you need to create the records in web and then assign them to the user. In android, you will be able to filter by those events assigned to the user that logged in. Again, this will not prevent from the user A to see the User B records but it is a way to filter.


Hi @nancyesp,

Thanks for making this part clear.

Could you please explain this part a bit more


Of course. This feature could be helpful depending on how you capture the records (depending of your use case). For example, if you are able to previously define how many events you need to fill out or how many TEIs, then you can create them (and leave them empty) in Web and assign the events to the user. So, later, using the Android App they can filter by “Assigned to me” and fill the form.

In the Maintenance App a program stage can be configured to allow user assignment. If user assignment is enabled, you will be able to assign a user to an event.

In tracker or event program:

  1. Click the Assigned user field.
  2. Scroll or search for a user.
  3. Click the user.

In Android use the filter to see only the records assigned to the logged in user

Here is the link to the documentation in case you want to learn more about this feature.

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