Android Tracker Capture update

Hi everyone,

The Android team just released a new version of the Tracker Capture(version 0.3.14-2.24) to Google Play. This application is targeting DHIS 2.24 and have the following new functionality:

  • We have implemented a left hand side navigation menu which allows linking to other DHIS 2 Android applications that is installed on the device, but also in-app navigation.

  • We have developed a new search button on the main screen. This is the local detailed search which allows you to search on the combination of tracked entity attributes to find your tracked entity instance.

  • We have introduced a loading dialog which blocks user interaction while program rules is calculating. This prevents users to enter or see data elements which should be hidden, but is shown in some few milliseconds (depending on the device and amount of program rules).

  • We have better in-app user feedback. The app will let you know if you don’t have any organisation units assigned to user or a program is not assigned to a organisation unit (This was the most frequent question we get on the mailing list). Also the app is showing loading progress when downloading tracked entity instances from the server.

  • We have implemented a tool that helps us to see crash statistics. This means that we can faster develop fixes if the app crashes and we don’t depend on the user reporting the crash to Google Play or at the mailing list. It will also help us to discover crashes for those of you that is not installing from Google Play.

  • When downloading one tracked entity instance from the server, the app will open the tracked entity instance dashboard automatically

  • The tracked entity instance profile fragment asks if you want to discard or save changes if you want to go back without pressing the save button

  • Data entry rows of type checkbox is clickable from the whole row. This means that you don’t need to press the small checkbox.

  • Data entry rows of type “text” or “long text” is auto capitalised on the first letter.

  • Performance improvements

  • Bug fixes

If you have any questions about this, don’t hesitate to ask. Also if you have any feature requests, feel free to ask and we can discuss.


Erling - DHIS2 Android Team