android tracker capture syncing error: 'an event already exists'

Hi experts,

Has anyone experienced errors syncing offline data capture with Android Tracker on v2.25?

The following error message displays when trying to sync event data via wifi:

"program stage is not repeatable and an event already exists"

It is very similar to this issue on V2.26, yet it occurs even with a single (nonrepeatable) stage program. On investigation, the error sometimes shows up when mobile data have been successfully submitted to the server and can be viewed on the web, but the error message persists on mobile.

Our assumption is this occurs due to poor network, since we also received errors that “you have run out of auto-generated UIDs” when trying to enroll new TEIs, and “tracked entity does not exist” when syncing new enrollments.

My biggest question: what is the best strategy to sync data if these errors persist? Our users may enroll ~100 new TEIs at a time before going back online, so logging out and back in is not an option as this wipes their local data. Is there another way to remove the error, and ensure data are synced to server?



build 9b2e099

occurs on both app v0.3.39 and app v0.3.34

non-repeating single stage and multiple stage programs

“Pre-generate event UID” is not ticked
occurs on multiple user roles, devices, and networks






Brian O’Donnell, MPAff
Informatics Project Manager