android dashboard app released

Hi all,

today we are releasing a new Android client for DHIS 2 dashboards. The app lets you access all of your dashboards and interpretations on your mobile device even while being offline.

You can get it on Google Play. The app requires DHIS 2 server version 2.21.



Viewing dashboards: The app enables you to view charts, maps and tables from your dashboards in a convenient and simple way.

Creating and populating dashboards with content: The app allows to create dashboard, and then fill it with content. This can happen in offline mode - the dashboards will sync when connection is back.

Screenshot | Screenshot | Screenshot

Editing existing dashboards and content: User with corresponding rights will be able to edit dashboards right on the mobile device.


Viewing, creating and editing interpretations and comments: Functionality of app allows user to create interpretations directly from dashboard screen.

Screenshot | Screenshot | Screenshot

Scalable UI: Beautiful and convenient interface designed with material design guidelines in mind; scales accordingly to size of screen. On devices with big displays, shows a grid instead of list of dashboard items in correspondence to their size defined on the DHIS 2 server instance.



You can find the project on DHIS 2 GitHub page:


Please note that documentation will be populated with new content during this week.


You can find installation file on GitHub release page:

Or you can get it through google play:

Feedback is highly appreciated.

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DHIS 2 Android Team