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Hi community,

I have setup android capture app (v1.3.2) to use mobile device to capture tracker data deployed on DHIS2 2.29. When syncing the data on the mobile device I have only 500 TEI meanwhile on the server there is more than 5000 TEI. In the sync parameter I set max tof TEI to 1000 but in the device I can have only 500 TEI.

Any idea to solve this?

Hi Gerard,

that issue was fixed in recent versions. I would recommend to try 2.2.1.

If you want to use 1.3.2, you can force the refresh of the TEI list:

  1. Go to Settings -> Remove data and remove local data.
  2. Sync again in Settings -> Data sync.

Hope it helps

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Thanks Victor,
Your solution works.

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