Android capture app: unable to enroll a tracked entity into a program

Hi everyone,

I have android capture installed on my phone and two tracker capture, but I am unable to enroll a tracked entity into a program. When I click on the tracker and search icon, I get the following message: You need to enter at least 1 of the attributes to do a search. The search icon does not turn into + sign.
I do not know if the problem has to do with the red icons beside the tracker capture name in the image below. I have installed android capture version 2.2. My DHIS 2 version is 2.33.3


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Hello @ferdinandmussavene.

Android makes compulsory a search before entering as explained in the documentation: Home - DHIS2 Documentation

Have you performed a search by entering anything on any attribute defined as searchable? If yes, then the search should transform into a + sign which should allow you entering a TEI.

Please try and let us know.

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Hi @jaime.bosque,

After entering something on the searchable attribute, the search turns into a + sign and now I I am able to enroll a TEI. But why the user is obligated to do a search? I think the search should be optional because the user may not want to do any search.

And what do the red icons, in the image, beside the tracker capture name mean?

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi @ferdinandmussavene.

The search has been discussed before and it is to avoid duplicates. Initially this was not implemented but it was requested and we accepted it.

Imagine the following scenario where two users are inserting TEIs in two different devices, they both have connectivity and are performing daily syncs of data. User A might have inserted a TEI (let’s call it #1238) and has pushed it to the server immediately. In User B device this TEI is not yet present as her device is still not performed a Data Sync. So when she visits the TEI #1238 and tries to insert it being forced to search first the search is performed locally and then on the server level. She could realize at this point that the TEI is already present on the server and download it.

The icon you are referring to means an overdue, I will make sure the list of icons is updated and published in the documentation. Thanks for spotting it out.


Just found that the icons are listed here:


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Hi @jaime.bosque,

Thank you a lot. Things are clear now.