Android Capture App Reapet Visit Date Not Changing

Dear COP,

We are using DHIS2 v2.38.1.1 with a tracker program. The problem is, after entering the first data for a repeating stage, the next time the client comes and we try to enter data the following day, the Android app has no provision to back date or change the report/visit date. Anyone help for ths behavior?

Thank you.

Hello, @WaluQ

In order to change the date and/or Org Unit, you need to go to the first card (tab). This is kind of (not fully explicit) documented here: DHIS2 Android App - DHIS2 Documentation

And here you can see a video-demo of the process.

Hope it helps.

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Hi @jaime.bosque, the date that’s it not changable is when you click on Add new, the date that comes seem to be locked to the current date.

Hey @WaluQ .

Could you please put / explain here the configuration of your program and program stage? I am not able to reproduce such behavior… Thanks.