Android App syncing error

Hello experts,
Im facing the Android App syncing error “We found an error when syncing with your server. . Share the error with your system admin if possible”
Error detais:
“Cause: Something unexpected went wrong.
Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method ‘$Builder’ on a null object reference
Created: Fri Jun 07 17:09:05 GMT+03:00 2024
Error component: Server

Any one can help to solve this issue.

Hi @Bakari could you please share more details on the issue you are facing?

This can help us pinpoint the problem.
Like the kind of usecase you have, exactly where in the app the sync problem occurs, and what kind of element are you trying to sync.

Also if you could share some more of the stacktrace that would be great.

Feel free to DM me on Slack if there are any sensitive details in the stacktrace.

Thanks @Xavi

Hi @Bakari, the sdk team has been looking into this and we believe it to be a configuration error, a direct solution to solve this temporarily would be to eliminate all visualizations from de Android settings web app. Regardless, it would be interesting to know which DHIS2 version you are using, as welll as the DHIS2 android capture app version. Also we have opened an issue to resolve this.

Furthermore, if you would like try and find what visualization is the one that is causing the problem, you can try this API call (only for 2.37 and above) and check if there are any null fields.

Let us know if this helps!



Thanks @Xavi. Im using DHIS2.40.3.1 and Android app v3.