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Hi all,
Does anyone know how to optimize the settings within tracker capture of the DHIS2 capture app (new) to speed up users logging in? Right now it’s taking mobilizers in the field more than 20 minutes to log in (syncing the configuration and the data) even when their connectivity is relatively good. It also takes me (with very good connectivity) a while to login when I am using their login credentials (not 20 minutes but a couple minutes). I’m wondering if it has to do with the sync parameters? Is there anything we can do to speed it up by changing the sync parameters?
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Another android question about syncing. Within the app, I can see in the documentation that you should be able to click on the green arrows to see if the TEI has synced. However, when I click the green arrows, it just takes me to the TEI profile with no information about syncing. If I go into the settings and sync data, and then check in the browser, I can see that the data HAS synced. However, the app user does not know how to tell if the data has synced (with the old tracker capture app, it changed color and had a check mark once it was synced). Have others been able to verify within the app that the data has synced? Thanks

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Hi @Natalie_Tibbels,

The @dhis2-android team will get back to you on this.


Hi Natalie,

regarding sync, yes… sync time depends extremely on the number of org units the user has access to, the number of programs, and of course the volume of data to be downloaded. Metadata you can control through configuration, for data, there are parameters on Settings, however is not possible for now to set them for the first log in. In any case, 20 mins seems a lot having a good connection… how many org units do those users have?

Regarding your second question: documentation is being updated for the next version, 1.3.0 which we are about to release. We are moving the documentation to another platform which would allow us to manage different versions, for now… we always some overlapping inconsistency… sorry about that!


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