[ Android App] createdatclient value in programstageinstance table is getting null in some cases

Hello Android App Team and community experts,

We have android app based dhis2 program rollout happening, we can see around 15K records with createdatclient is null.

select count(*) from programstageinstance where createdatclient is null;

We suspect this is also causing one probable syncing issue, which we are investigating further.

Syncing issue is : Android tablet shows not able to sync, but in server we have data.

Any lights to the possible reasons would be great

Hi @jthomas

One question please, what is the version of the app you are using? Is this on the latest android app version as well? Does it show this syncing issue on all devices?

Please add as much info as possible about the specifications and usage. Tagging @dhis2-android for further support.


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Hi @jthomas .

I think @vgarciabnz , @marcos.campos or @ericampire might know better than me. But I just made some tests by setting null several values in my local DB and can perform upwards and downwards sync with Android.

Can you clarify if you cannot sync down to the Android or back to the server? it is not very clear to me.


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Hello @Gassim & @jaime.bosque Thank you so much

DHIS2 version: 2.36.4
Android App: 2.5
Android version : 11

@jaime.bosque our root problem why we investigated this is because, some of the devices show syncing error like below screenshot, (android to server) but data is actually there in the server, & most of the cases ( i think all) have this createdatclient null, not sure why it happened.

I see @jthomas . Proceed as follows to understand more.
Open the TEI and see if there is a specific event with the error sync. Perform a granular sync by clicking on the arrows. If there is an error while syncing you will see a much more descriptive message in the bottom box. Please post here the error.

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Hi @jthomas,
the properties createdAtClient and lastUpdatedAtClient should be sent to the server. Before version 2.4.3, there was a bug in the app and those properties were not sent, so trackedEntityInstances created before 2.4.3 might have them null.
Anyway, it shouldn’t affect the synchronization or raise any error. I think the reason must be something else. If you can post the error message here (as @jaime.bosque explained), it would be very helpful.


Thank you for the support @jaime.bosque & @vgarciabnz I’m reporting back soon with more information