Analytics result headers inconsistencies(?)

been looking at the headers part of the analytics results, and I’m a bit confused about the name and column properties. Normally, (tableLayout = false), the header looks like this:
name: ‘ou’,
column: ‘Organisation Unit’,
etc… So here, the «column» would be the «display name» of that column.

When using tableLayout, it is instead like this:
name: ‘Organisation unit’,
column: ‘organisationunitname’

name: ‘201401’,
column: ‘january 2014’

So if you want to present this result and use the headers objects to get the name of the columns, you would have to use ‘name’ for the orgunit column, but ‘column’ for the period columns in order to get nice names.

It could well be that I’m just thinking of the «headers» differently from what it is intended to be used for, but I find it a bit confusing that the «human readable» description for the different headers are sometimes in the name property, and sometimes in the column property - even within the same query.