Analytics failed in dhis2 2.34

Dear Team,

We are using dhis2 version2.34,analytics is getting failed regularly.
Server configuration: ubuntu16, postgres 12,tomcat9 and java 8.
Changed statement timeout in postgres but issue still there.
Here is the attached logs.

Hi @MohinderS

Try to install DHIS2 on local server with java 11 & Postgresql 13, and copy all your configs and data there.

Plus try to increase memory for Java and Postgresql.

If everything went well on your local server, you can change live server settings as well.

Good luck

Thanks @Ulanbek for your response.

I have setup application on my local with same configuration and packages. Its working fine there.
Facing this issue only on Production. I have changed all the parameters same like local as well.


@MohinderS then try to reinstall first dhis2 war file, if the problem still persist reinstall Postgresql and java.

Usually the problem maybe connected either permission or disk issues. Additionally it may be caused by RAM as well. So you have a lot of things to be checked

Regards, Ulanbek

Thanks @Ulanbek for your help. sure, will try all the points.

Hello @Ulanbek ,

I noticed that in postgresql.conf file "statement_timeout " value was set to 100MB.
I have simply comment "statement_timeout " line and restarted postgres and tomcat. Now analytics run successfully. :slight_smile:


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@MohinderS happy to hear๐Ÿ‘
As I mentioned and suspected earlier it was connected to conf file.

Regards, Ulanbek

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