Analytics / aggregation not working

I’m troubleshooting an issue with analytics on one of our servers (2.33.5). We have data elements that have no associated category options that are not showing up in pivot tables after the analytics run. These are basically captured at facility level and show up in the forms - so no issue there. They are all present in the datavalues table and look fine. However, after an analytics run, they don’t appear in the output in the pivot table at any level from facility to national. The analytics log looks just fine - no errors or issues there.

I thought I’d test with the play instances and picked 2.33.6 but I get different (though also apparently faulty) results. Steps to recreate:

  1. Log in as admin.

  2. Under maintenance, add a data element (call it test or whatever) with the following set:

  • Name, short name = test
  • Domain type = aggregate
  • Value type = positive or zero integer
  • Aggregation type = sum
  • ‘Store zero data values’ = check (yes)
  • Category combination = None
  • Aggregation levels = assign all
  1. Edit an existing data set (e.g. Child health) under maintenance and add the new test data element to the data set. Next, go into data set form design and add the test element to the form.

  2. Go to data entry and select any facility and the Child health form for any period and add a any number to the new test data element field.

  3. Go to data administration, analytics tables and ‘start export’

  4. Go to the pivot table after the export completes and look for the data you entered at #4 - it only appears if facility level is selected in the OU heirarchy. To be sure there’s no caching issue, open the pivot table after logging in in a new incognito session or simply close your browser and clear cache before attempting this step.

Is there something I’m missing in my testing steps here or perhaps that I should be looking at in my live instance?

Hi @Edward_Robinson have you cleared your cache using the cache cleaning application after running the analytics and before looking in the pivot table app?

Hi Scott, yes, I’ve also tested in a new browser and an incognito window just to be sure. It seems easy to reproduce using the steps I provided.