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Hello to all,
We have implemented 5 tracker programs on a 2.36 instance of DHIS2. Some of the programs have more than 1500 data items, more than 4000 program rule variables and 4000 program rules. We use these programs using the browser. The loading is slow but we manage to use it after about 10 minutes of waiting for the metadata to be loaded into the tracker application. However we can not use the Android application dhis2 capture, it remains blocked to display the attributes.
The problem that brings me here is that the execution of the analytics generates errors and the execution does not finish. We have this error in the logs: org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: tables can have at most 1600 columns.
Could someone help us to analyze the data already entered by finding a solution to the execution of the analytics? We are also interested in a solution for the use of the Android application

If I were you, I would first drop all the analytics tables and see the behavior again when generating fresh analytics tables. Please be kind enough to post txt of the complete log. Let’s see what happens.

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Thank you for your post! To make the topic more specific, I will quote your android question in a new post and move @jaime.bosque’s response.

As for the analytics errors, yes please as @moses_mwale suggested, please share the full Catalina.out log (without the sensitive info) from the moment you run execute the analytics and on.

Thank you!

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Thanks @Gassim, @moses_mwale and @jaime.bosque.
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According to this post Reaching the limit: 1600 columns (event analytics temp tables), the problem of analytics occurs when the number of data elements exceeds 1600 per program. After checking our programs contain between 3000 and 5000 data elements of which 2/3 are used to store program rule assignments. We try to reduce the number of data elements by using the Calculated value type of Program rule variable. However we are having difficulties to understand how it works and hope to have some answers with you.

  1. Can the Calculated value type store numbers and strings?
  2. Is its scope equivalent to the type “Data element from the newest event in the current program”?
  3. From which version of DHIS2 can we use this type without any bug ?

Dear Sir,
Please share the PostgreSQL version and DHIS2 Version, for better understanding the issue.

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