Allow user assignment of events


What does this feature mean: allow user assignment of events program stage configuration?


Hi @hernandezmachava,
Thank you for your question! I couldn’t answer it better than quoting @phil’s description below which has demo, screenshots, and links to docs.

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2:

Hope this helps! Thanks! (: :+1:

Hi @Gassim

In the event report, it is not possible to view the assignee

In the report there is no such a field

So what it is the real use of this feature?

Hey @hernandezmachava

When looking through the TEIs in a program a user can filter between by assignment which helps in finding information and keeping things organized. If you would like to add that in reporting and think this will be useful please feel free to make a feature request for this to be implemented in Line Listing app.

It’s also helpful to explain more about the use case and why this is necessary to be included in the reporting.

Thank you!