Allow update of certain elements in program stage captured at another org unit?

The scenario:

  • User 1 at org unit A enrolls a TEI then refers them to org unit B for testing.
  • User 2 at org unit B captures the test stage but results of the test are not available immediately so the form is not completed.
  • The TEI returns to their home facility (org unit A) for follow-up and to get their test results which are in a national database accessible to all org units.
  • User 1 at Org unit retrieves the test results from the national database and wants to update the test stage record with the test results.

Is the last step possible? Is it possible to allow update of a stage record captured at another org unit? Is it possible to selectively allow certain fields to be updated? If yes, how are these rights set?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Edward_Robinson

To the best of my knowledge the sharing settings are configured either at the Program level as a whole or at the program stage specifically; however, it’s not possible to control the access settings to specific fields within the program stage.

I’m sure if user 1 has access to the program stage then it’s possible to make the changes even though they were entered in another OU. Have you tested?


On my system, I’ve tested with a user who has data capture access globally, but if the stage is captured at another org unit, it’s only editable from that org unit. Where would I find the sharing settings?

@Edward_Robinson It sounds like the issue is that orgunit B creates the test stage event but orgunit A is the one completing the test stage event by filling out the test results data element. This seems tricky and probably not the best when thinking about capturing details about who does what, within the data flow. Could the test results either be (a) entered by org unit B (who captures the test stage) so that org unit A can access the results when available and not have to enter it themselves or (b) show up as a new program stage so that org unit B captures and completes the test stage and then org unit A captures and completes the results stage? I lean towards option B, which is more flexible since we’re thinking about it Enrollment/referral > Test > Results.