All events inside the enrollment shown duplicated

Hello dear Community, @phil , @Markus and @Gassim,

Recently I have updated to 2.36.8 and now got a problem with the Tabular data entry view

Sometimes all events inside the enrollment shown duplicated, even single event. I have no clue what is going on. See the picture above.
If I open the widget settings and resave it for all users, it works for a while (max 2 days) and starts again. I couldn’t find any relations, as have tried open the same case under separate users, results are different.
The biggest fear is the user may delete the event, as they may think it is duplicated. And if they done it for the single event, which shown duplicated, they will delete the event - and no data will be there.
Have anyone faced such problem?

Thank you.

Can you see, by chance if you enabled both Timeline Entry and Tabular entry in the settings like below. Only one needs to be selected

Once it happened the same way to me. I had to do uncheck and browser clean cache

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Thank you @jthomas for your reply. I know only one should be choosen. If you paid attention they are shown as Tabular entry form, no Timeline format is shown.
So I believe there is some bugs in version 2.36.8

Regards, Ulanbek


Hi @Ulanbek
I can’t reproduce this issue. If you can reproduce this issue on play then consider it a bug; however, I suggest it might be an issue with the browser. Please try to use ‘incognito/private’ mode to check if this issue appears even in ‘incognito/private’ mode. If it doesn’t appear in ‘incognito/private’ mode then use the Browser Cache Cleaner app.

If clearing the cache worked then you might want to tell them to do this before deciding to delete an event.

I’d like to know if you can reproduce this on play please, and what results do you find when using incognito?

Thanks! :+1::+1:

Hi @Gassim ,

Thank you for your reply. I cannot reproduce it in any other server as it is happening randomly. I have no idea what I should it link with. Maybe it will be solved when I upgrade to 2.37
Browser’s cache cleaning and incognito mode didn’t help at all.

The interesting thing is if you resave the widgets dashboard layout as default - everything starts to work as intended. But it will disappears and return back to the duplicated events display later on.
Have no idea why this is happening.

@Gassim is there any possibilities in the log files to see who and when resaved or changed widgets dashboard as default?

Thank you.
regards, Ulanbek

Hi @Ulanbek,

Very interesting! I’ll try to get an expert to support you but they’d need more info and probably in your situation if you could provide them an access to a test instance? Let me know if it’s possible please!


Hi @Gassim

If you can offer me direct link to the expert, I will provide an access to the event which is doubling. But the thing is the same event may display differently in some cases :frowning: and that’s why I couldn’t find any explainable link between the event content and widgets display template
So looking forward get in touch with the expert.
Thank you.

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Thank you! I’m just confirming that @Markus will be in touch with you.


Hi Team, @Gassim, @Ulanbek,

We are facing similar issue with events get api call (Event Ids are duplicated in events API call with pagination in DHIS . Was there any update on solution for this issue. Please let us know.


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Hi @Tarun,

The problem was solved by upgrading to 2.36.10. Plus I have cleared servers cache on browser by pressing Ctrl+R and reloading apps on Data Administration.