Alerts in Tracker Capture Program Based On Threshold

Dear DHIS Folks,

We want to create Some Alerts list in DHIS2 tracker capture program. Can you please some one suggest me how can I do that in DHIS2.

Hi @RameshReddy.

What kind of alerts are you talking about? DHIS2 supports notifications on Programs and/or Program Stages (you can read further here:

The notifications can be send via messages, emails or SMS.

Is this what you need?

Dear Jaime,

Thanks for your reply.I want alert like if stage 1 is complete and stage is not complete in some threshold of time then I want generate alert as a list of tracked entity instances.So is there any way of doing this.

HI @RameshReddy.

I have never done something like this but it seems to be possible. I think you should create a notification based on Program Rule that evaluations the completion (or not) and the dates. For the notification I assume you want to send the notification to each TEI who missed the 2nd stage, no? This is also possible.

Please review the documentation provided. It is explained there.


Thanks Jaime,Actaully I dont want send any Notification to TEI.Just i want list down of the TEI’s who missed second stage and show these list of TEI’s under the User who registered these TEI’s.

Hi Jaime,

Can you please update me on this is there any option for alerts?

Hi @RameshReddy. I am not aware if this is possible… to my mind it comes using Program Indicators or something like this. But maybe with the tasks something would be possible. Pinging @dhis2-analytics or @dhis2-tracker to see if they can provide more information

It is possible to achieve some of the things you mention with trackedEntityInstanceFilters.

(These can be used to create custom working list that will filter your TEIs by e.g. status of events. (COMPLETED, SCHEDULED, etc.)