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I have a situation that I develop a tracker which is routinely being updated the new and follow-up individuals details.
One the other hand, I had monthly reporting summary form (MSRF) which was aggregating the details from tracker manually in a paper and being entered to this MSRF.
Initially Tracker system and Aggregate system were diveloped in different DHIS2 platform.
Now that I have developed both the systems in the same (single DHIS2), Can any one assist me if I would want to automate aggregated data directly from tracker to Aggregate form? may be at a specified time of the month (eg. every last hour or the month) an automated operations is done to summarize data directly into MSRF?

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You are probably aware that you do have two options at the bottom of any program indicator definition form called “Category option combination for aggregate data export” and “Attribute option combination for aggregate data export”.

So basically you can use those two program indicator parameters to make the program indicator output “fit” your aggregated data.

This is not an automated operation, though - program indicators are obviously updated every time you run analytics, but I cannot off hand remember any built-in functionality for automatically inserting such aggregated values into aggregated data sets at pre-defined times. So you will probably have to create scripts and a cron job to do that.

(You can possibly use the Predictor app to create and inject custom aggregated data, but that’s cumbersome and not really what you are looking for).

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