Aggregation none, giving value at upper levels

Hello everyone,

I am not sure if this is an expected behavior or Not. I have two data elements one with aggregation SUM (DE1) and the second with aggregation NONE (DE2).

Let’s assume that we have a 3 level org unit structure and I collected DE3 at level 3 (not aggregated) and collected DE1 at Level 2 (aggregated). Now if I create an indicator that adds the two data elements with the numerator DE1 + DE2, I expect the indicator to respond as follows.

  • At level 3, Only DE2 with no aggregation is displayed (This works perfectly fine)
  • At level 2, Only DE1 collected at Level 2 should have been displayed but the indicator is responding with DE1 at level 2 plus DE2 of a single facility at level3
  • At level 1, Only DE1 collected at Level 2 should have been displayed but responds with sum of DE1 at level 2 plus DE2 of multiple facilities at level 3.

The same happens if we ask DE2 at higher levels where the aggregation was not suppose to happen.

I am using DHIS2.40.0

Hi @Melaeke

Welcome to the community!

The reason it’s working perfectly fine is because DE1 is not collected at level 3 so only the DE2 is displayed; however, if both DE2 and DE1 were to be collected at level 3 then both will be considered which is precisely what is happening at levels 2 and levels 1.

If you only want to display the value of DE1 at levels 2 and 1, you can create a separate indicator with just DE1 as the numerator. This indicator will provide the value of DE1 at level 2 and the sum of the values of DE1 for all level 2 units under that level 1 unit at level 1.

Perhaps, one way to approach this is to create a an indicator that will only calculate the DE1 instead of the addition with DE2?

It would also help if you’d please explain the use case. Thanks!