Aggregate data discrepancy - Monthly

Hi all,
In the Pivot Table app (DHIS2 v2.30), we found a bug (maybe) where when viewing data, the January data is different when selecting either ‘Last 12 months’ & ‘Months this year’. The correct value looks to be January in the ‘Last 12 months’ option i.e. the total from 2019w01 - w05.
It looks like for ‘Months this year’, January does not have the 2019w01 data whereas it does in ‘Last 12 months’.
The data is entered weekly.
Attached is some more info/data test - Monthly data issue.xlsx (20.3 KB)

Has anyone faced this before, or have any suggestions to why this is occurring?


Looks like this is the same issue as the below, albeit in a different Period setting…

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