Adding breadcrumbs on program stage

Hi everyone.

Is it possible for me to add breadcrumbs on my program stages in tracker capture

Thank you


It is possible to create a custom data entry form for a program stage and add HTML as well as JavaScript.

However, it’s not clear from your post how you’d like to use the breadcrumbs and what type of breadcrumbs. If you could add more describtion to the use case as well as examples of the functionality and use, it would help find a solution or maybe even create a feature request for the community.


If think we found a way forward to this. Thank you

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Hey @Tangy

Thank you! Please feel free to share with the community your experience, suggestions to the proposed idea. :pray:

@Gassim, We did not necessary created the breadcrumbs we just figured the program stages in the timeline data entry is doing a fair job for us since it distinguishes when someone is working on the program stage with the yellow background.


Existing feature (timeline data entry) satisfies use case.