Adding additional image field to user profile

Hope this is a proper place for asking this. But can I add an additional image field in the user profile. I wanted to attached an image field with name of signature in the user profile. Is the any method to do so? I couldn’t find any place where I could find the solution.


Hi @Ritesh_Thapa

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Thank you for your post. I did search for this and even though there is a way to save files into dhis2, I don’t think this is helpful for your use case. A profile picture seems like the only picture that can be attached to a user.

In this case, it’s is advised to create a feature request. Do you think this could be in the interest of the community? It might be helpful to describe the use case as well which might bring more innovations and encourage other community members to share their own ideas in addition to voting to the feature request. Please create a feature request here:

Then please share the link to the feature request so that others can watch as well as vote.

Thank you!