A better practice to store realtime data coming from sensors

If I need to monitor realtime data from sensors, should I use tracker or datastore? Is there a better practice?

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Thank you for your question! The question whether to use Tracker or aggregate depends on the use case and the information you are trying to get. In some cases it’s better to use tracker when you need detailed information/data about every tracked entity (every object you are storing data about) and in other cases, the data you’d get about a single object is not as relevant as the data you’d get from the totality of all objects combined.

So to best answer your question, maybe share with the community a scenario where realtime data is collected and what are the expectations when retrieving this data?


I think it is also important to understand if you need historical data or you just need to know the last reported value (or current).

Probably @Breno can explain better.

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