50 rows limit pulling record using API from DHIS2 (version 2.38.2)

Dear all, I would like to request a suggestion on 50 records limit in Power Bi after the system is upgraded from 2.37.4 to 2.38.2. I tried to pull three types of records (Track entities, Enrollment, and Events).
I use the following API to get data from the DHIS2 tracker. the issue is ony 50 records are pulled from DHIS2 in pulling enrollment and event data.

the previous version of DHIS2 is working properly. Could anyone give me advice on this issue?

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Hi @Kyawmoewai_Ngp ,
In response to your inquiry, I would suggest two things:

  1. You can completely disable paging by adding the ‘paging=false’ parameter. For example https://xxdomainxx/api/tracker/events.json?orgUnit=xxxxxxxxx&ouMode=DESCENDANTS&program=xxxxxxxxx&occurredAfter=2022-01-01&occurredBefore=2022-12-31&paging=false. Or,
  2. You can increase the page size of the data being loaded/downloaded by adding ‘pageSize=1000’ parameter. For example https://xxdomainxx/api/tracker/events.json?orgUnit=xxxxxxxxx&ouMode=DESCENDANTS&program=xxxxxxxxx&occurredAfter=2022-01-01&occurredBefore=2022-12-31&pageSize=500

For more information, check out the Documentation.

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

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Thank you so much for your suggestion. it works properly with the following method.