403 when running analytics

Hi all,

I’m just finished bootstrapping up my first DHIS2 instance strictly for development & testing purposes and I populated it with the sierra Leone demo DB from GitHub.

All appears to running smoothly except that when I login and go to run/export analytics to populate my interface, all I get is:

“Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 ()”

And nothing else including in my logs.

I am assuming I’m missing something obvious here, but also want to check with the experienced pros for a hint.

My first guess was that since I am using the demo DB that the Admin acct (John Traore) doesn’t have permission to run analytics just like on the play demo. However, after digging into the 403 response some more I believe it may be something more sinister in the permission settings of my server.

I appreciate any feedback/pointers and I apologize if I need to seek help through other channels.


Chase Freeman