2 Tracker Captures Challenges 2.31 - completing and comparing forms

Dear Community,

I am currently running the most recent version of DHIS2.31. I am experiencing two challenges as listed below which i would kindly ask someone familiar to help me resolve:

  1. When using the new compare forms functionality, it returns hidden data elements and of course does not allow the user to update those hidden fields. However when you select the default form, the user proceeds well and the program rule hides the fields successfully.

  2. When the user completes a form, it returns an error “Failed to update the event in the server. An error occurred, please check import summary”. The form completes successfully and the data is saved however this is disturbing to the users since they receive this error for every form completed.

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Just checking in case anyone can be of help! Thanks


Dear @amuramira,
these both sound like bugs that should be reported in jira.dhis2.org. Looking forward to your bug reports. Please add screenshots and all the information you have on how to reporoduce the matter.

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