2.29 Scheduler Failure

(Kelvin Murumba) #1

Hi All,
I have had a concern about the scheduler module. The cronjobs I set up using this scheduler fail always. I have repeatedly tried automating the running of analytics using this feature with no success. I am curious to know if any of us has experienced the issue.

(M.Selvaraaj Prabu) #2

Hi @KMurumba,

You are right. I have tried running the Analytics for two times a day and the cronjob failed. Then I tried for every hour, it failed. The only schedule that works is the predefined midnight schedule.

I wanted to raise the issue here in CoP but forgot. Thanks for sharing and raising it.



(James Omutsani) #3

Hi @KMurumba and @MSP ,

Our team from @dhis2-analytics will have a look at this and advise.